Upcoming Gigs

July 24th - Totaalfestival, Bladel

Free Entry (the whole festival)

October 12th - Here's the Thing, 013, TIlburg


More T.B.A. soonland...



November 21st - Walhalla, Harderwijk


April 7th - SimplonUP, Groningen
May 6th - TREK Festival, Rotterdam
May 18th - Hall of Fame, Tilburg  (support for Ian Sweet)
June 2nd - 'Skek, Amsterdam
June 15th - 013, Tilburg
June 26th - TREK Festival, 's-Hertogensbosch
June 30th - NORE X TANTRON, Cul de Sac, Tilburg
July 29th - 't Pothuys, Utrecht
September 28th - 't 11e gebod, Tilburg
October 1st - Café Wilhelmina, Eindhoven
November 24th - ????, ????
December 16th - Night of the Arts @FHK, Tilburg


January 20th - Altersonic, De Drie Gezusters, Groningen
January 25th - Cul de Sac, Tilburg (support for Orange Skyline)
March 16th - FHK, Benefitconcert "Because We Carry"
March 20th - 013, Tilburg
March 21st - BIRD, Rotterdam
March 22nd - Metropool, Enschede
March 23rd - Q Factory, Amsterdam
March 24th - Patronaat, Haarlem
March 25th - Het Warm Onthaal, Den Bosch (with Forre Sterra)
March 26th - Ekko, Utrecht
May 18th - Schmetterfest @De Nieuwe Vorst, Tilburg
June 20th - 013, Tilburg

September 28th - Hall of Fame, Tilburg

October 12th- 'Skek, Amsterdam

October 20th - De Nachtzuster, Tilburg (with Straaljager)

October 28th - ACU, Utrecht (with Citrus Blossom)

November 3rd - Kroepoekfabriek, Vlaardingen (with Gangs of Kin)

November 9th - JoJo's, Wageneningen (with Cosmos)

December 3rd - Gigant, Apeldoorn
January 24th - NORE x VOORMAN, Cul de Sac, Tilburg

March 14th - The Cat's Back, Tilburg (ft. crybabies)

May 5th - Dwarsligger Festival, Tilburg

June 7th - De Nieuwe Anita, Amsterdam (ft. Tall Grass)